User Friendly Phone Book

The User-Friendly Phone Book

America’s Second Largest
Independent Yellow Pages Directory

With 36 books across the United States in California, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas, The User-Friendly Phone Book helps local businesses and consumers connect. The User-Friendly Phone Book is the directory of choice for residents who need to access useful national and local information in a printed telephone directory simple and fast. The directories also enhance community commerce and communications in the markets where their phone book is distributed.

Spurred by our rapid expansion across the United States, The User-Friendly Phone Book team of 300 is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, with 17 offices across the United States. The company continues to grow through product launches nationwide.

The User Friendly Phone Book Markets

Nearly 70% of people living outside of metro areas report to have used a print yellow page directory to find a business in the past year.

Source: Market Authority, Inc.