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Mobile Banner Advertising

What’s in it for you?

We make it fast and easy for you to turn your message into a mobile banner ad and landing page. Plus, you get to choose when and where your ad is displayed. So what do you get with mobile advertising?

The ability to target the only audience you care about: mobile users near your business.

Sample Custom Mobile Banner

Fill out the form below and a User Friendly Media Mobile Expert will contact you to schedule a consultation. Find out how reaching local customers on their mobile devices can help your business.

What Can You Do With Your Ad?

Here are just a few ways customers have used their targeted mobile banner ads…

Competitor Conquesting

If you already know who the competition is, why not target them specifically? We are currently serving ads for a national restaurant chain specifically targeting competing chains and serving a special price to those customers. This powerful technique can be a real game changer in any industry.

Target College Campuses

Do you know where your target audience works, or spends their time? We recently ran a series of ads specifically targeted to students and faculty of specific colleges & universities, offering a special price just for them. These targeted ads have seen click through rates up to 50% higher than industry averages!

Find New Clients or Patients at Work

A personal injury attorney contacted us looking to reach an audience of blue collar workers. We identified offshore rigs, manufacturing plants, and rural areas where blue collar workers might live and targeted a campaign specifically to those areas. We can find your clients or customers, too!

Find Your Next Best Employee

Looking to grow? We can target your recruits based on the profile you choose. Recently a company looking for drivers ordered an ad specifically targeted to an audience of truck drivers. With our targeting capabilities, this ad was able to outperform industry averages.

User Friendly Media Makes Mobile Advertising Easy.

From design to reporting, User Friendly Media will handle all aspects of your mobile ad campaign. Here’s how it works:

You can advertise your business on top mobile apps and sites, including:

AccuWaatherCBS NEWSWeather BugABC NEWSDaily MealEventfulA&EThe ChiveSalonSidereelUSA NetworkBravoNBC SportsAccess HollywoodNBCE!

…PLUS Thousands More!

Reach Nearby Customers With Location-based Advertising

Once your campaign goes live, User Friendly Media will display your mobile banner ad to customers that are near your business. Targeting starts within a one mile radius and will expand outward based on traffic availability.